Saturday, January 22, 2011


Now that I am on a computer again, with Internet access, I figured I should wrap up our trip to Indiana! Wednesday morning we had breakfast with dad's side of the family. Amelia took this lovely picture of her grandpa and cousin P.

She had her little finger over the flash!

Amelia must like P because she shared her yogis (Gerber yogurt melts) with her:

Breakfast turned into over two hours and we were eventually on our way back to MN by eleven. Amelia slept in the car a lot:

Much like cousin A slept through breakfast earlier in the day:

We are back now. Back to the frigid temperatures. It was -20 on Thursday before windchill was factored in - which made it -30. I have been working on un-packing and doing laundry as well as staying warm!

This little one doesn't seem to mind the cold. The brief periods she is outside (heading to and from the car) she manages to dig around in the snow and whines when I pull her to her carseat! She is definately a lover of the outdoors!

Tonight I am having dinner with my family and leaving Amelia with them. I wish I could say I had some great plans for my night of freedom but I am merely going to get groceries - sans Amelia. What a wild night!

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