Thursday, January 13, 2011


It finally happened. Amelia fell/crawled out of her crib for the first time. It happened a few nights ago. I had gone in to remind her that it was bedtime, not playtime, and I tucked her in (again) and left. Not ten minutes later I heard an awful, loud thud followed by a screech.

I found her face down. Screaming and crying. Once I had picked her up she wouldn't let go of me and just clung to me. I brought her to bed with me and offered to let her sleep with me but she didn't want that surprisingly. So, we just hung out together in bed for awhile:

Amelia has been very wild in the evening the past week and a half and I feel that that might be the cause for this accident. She's too wound up in the evening which is probably a result of late naps and sugar intake. more juice for Amelia after naptime, limited fruit-type snacks and also as early of a nap as I can get out of the little lady.

I can't wait until we are in our own space/home and we can transition her bed to a toddler daybed! She's just getting too big and too strong for her crib it seems.

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