Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The other day, at Target, Amelia would not listen so she had to be put into the cart and buckled in.

As you can see, she was not appreciative of this. I took this photo because I just know she will appreciate it as an adult ;)

Shopping is one of our biggest struggles currently. We have given Amelia freedom at the store in the past and now she is getting a little too free and wandering off and adding items that she wants to the cart! This is resulting in frustration for us all while at the store. Each time we go to the store it is unpredictable. Sometimes we have a near perfect, easy trip and other trips we are all frustrated when we leave!

Menards is by far the easiest shopping stop we ever make - they have carts with cars attached to the front! It is genius and Amelia loves it. We love it too because she "drives" around the store and we get to get our shopping done with some ease. Too bad we never need more than one or two things while we are there! I really wish all stores would get fun carts!

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