Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Fair Oaks Farm

Over Memorial Day weekend this year, Amelia and I went to Indiana with my parents. We used one of our days there to do something fun/touristy! We decided to go to Fair Oaks Farm since Amelia has recently been really into cows.

We went on a bus tour of one of their ten farms. Amelia got really excited when she saw cows and tried to get off the bus but once she realized that wasn't happening she just sat on Papa's lap:

We saw baby cows

an (empty) pasture between barns

and the rotary where the cows are milked

The rotary was the most interesting part to me. It holds 72 cows and when it is their turn they just walk into a stall, ride around, get milked and when the circle is complete they back right out. It was pretty interesting to see. Some people who I told about this seemed really upset about it and I just wanted to ask them, where do you think your milk comes from? This is what large-scale, modern farming looks like!

After our tour we went to the birthing barn and saw a baby calf be born.

This is something that we always miss at the state fair each year so it was interesting to see it.

Amelia rode around in this train several times.

(she is in the yellow car)

The first time she went she insisted that Papa ride with her so he squeezed in with her. Nana and I were in the birthing barn so unfortunately we weren't able to witness it.

Before we left we had fresh ice cream and cheese curds! Both were delicious. It was a long day for Amelia and she passed out in no time on the car ride to visit grandpa at the nursing home!

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