Monday, June 20, 2011

Bridal Shower

Over the weekend my friend, Lisa, and I hosted a bridal shower for our friend, Marie! We spent Friday evening preparing everything that we could so the day of the shower would go smoothly. We designed and made the cake, made pretzel and fruit dips, cut fruit and got games ready!

Saturday everything went smoothly. We played several games including 20 questions about the bride, groom and them as a couple, the "mystery sock" game and bridal bingo!

The hit game was the "mystery sock" game. We put an item in each sock that pertained to Marie and Jordan's honeymoon (in Hawaii) and people felt the items through the sock and had to try and guess what they were! It was funny watching people try and guess the items. One person got them all right even!

We prepared lots of food and sherbert punch.

For the punch we mixed fruit punch (made from powder) with sprite and a touch of orange juice concentrate. We put scoops of raspberry sherbet on the top which gave it a fun taste!

Marie with her matron and maid of honor (Lisa and I):

Marie with all of her bridesmaids except one who lives in California!

We had a fun afternoon. Next - Marie's bachelorette party in one month followed by the wedding!

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