Monday, June 20, 2011

Creative Bridal Shower Cake

As a co-host for a recent bridal shower I knew that I did not want to pay for an expensive store bought cake! I knew I could come up with something more creative and with a personal touch for one of my best friends.

The bride's favorite cake is, and has always been, Funfetti cake. So that is where we started. While I was at work, my co-host Lisa baked two Funfetti bundt cakes. Once I arrived in the evening it was time to find some way to create the cake I had in my head.

I wanted it to look like two interlocking wedding bands. We cut a chunk out of one of the cakes and put them together:

Once we frosted the cake it looked more like an 8 we decided

An 8 would have been appropriate since it does happen to be the bride's favorite number! Using the chunk that we cut out of one of the cakes we made a diamond to add to one of the rings and it looks more like what it was intended to be!

About half the people who saw the cake thought it was an 8 and the other half knew it was wedding rings. Either way, I was happy with how it turned out! The bride and her cake:

I think she was happy with it!

If you know me well, you know that I am not the most domestic person so this really was out of the ordinary for me to have a creative idea that actually panned out. Lisa and I decided it was because I am a mom now - domestic things are slowly coming more naturally to me :)

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