Saturday, November 20, 2010

Family Fun Night

This evening Amelia and I went with my family to Macy's for their annual 8th floor Christmas display! We have been going each year since, well, forever. This is the third year that they have had the "Day in the Life of an Elf" display so I really didn't take too many pictures.

Amelia's favorite scene was one with dancing animals:

She didn't want to leave this one!

Afterwards we got her picture with Santa again this year and our photographer happened to be someone I was in synchronized swimming with throughout high school - small world! This year's visit with Santa didn't go too well...

(pardon the quality of this picture, it is a picture of a picture taken on my sister's fancy phone)

...she was terrified! Oh well. I think we might try again this holiday season and see what happens the second (maybe even third) time around!

Tonight there was a little birthday celebration for Uncle Kory but I am so beat from working all day before the family fun that I opted out of joining in the fun. I work at 4AM tomorrow so I know they understand! Hopefully they are having a fun (and safe) night out!

**Go HERE to see photos from last year's Macy's

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