Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Fails - 10-10-10

This has been on crazy week. Know why? It's Black Friday in two short weeks my friends. Work has been craaaazzzzzyyyyyyy. It is evident that I need to sleep a little bit more because of the things I find myself saying. For example, this conversation from earlier this week:

me - K, what day is it? Is it the tenth?
K - yep!
me - (as I write down the date) HEY! It's 10-10-10!
K - No, eleven...
me- (pause) oh's November!

*The sad part? When she said, "no, eleven" I was thinking , "why'd she just tell me it was the tenth if now she says it's the eleventh?" Because Shelley, it's the eleventh month...

That conversation actually happened. I have witnesses. I felt so silly. Things like that have been happening all week. I am just so out of it. I blame the fact that I worked last Saturday. I rarely work a Saturday and when I do I am just so messed up on what day it is. I mean, I lost a whole month in there somehow for goodness sake!

So, this week has been full of shoes on the wrong feet, lost household items, dishes all over the counter etc. In short, this week has been full of fails. And to round out the week? I've volunteered to get up at 3 a.m. yet again tomorrow and work on my day off. I have a hard time turning down work this week since there is so much to do and who doesn't love a little overtime on their paycheck?

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