Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Girl's Night Out

Last week Amelia and I had a rough time. For some reason it worked out that we didn't see each other too much and it took it's toll. She "hated" me. "Hated" meaning she cried whenever I picked her up or touched her and she'd reach for my mom and sister. She'd run from me, to my mom or sister etc. I was feeling very upset so I decided she and I needed some alone time. I decided to remind her that I am fun and we had a Saturday night out.

First I took her for a Happy Meal:

Next we headed to Maplewood Mall so she could ride the carousel:

While riding on that she noticed that there was a train... we rode that too!

Before we left we rode the escalator in Barnes & Noble a few times:

I'd say that about rounds out a thrilling girl's night out...toddler-style!

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