Thursday, November 18, 2010

18-Month Appointment...

...almost three months late...

Yes, we finally took Amelia in for her "18-month" check-up yesterday even though she will be 21-months old in one week. She was almost 35 inches long and weighed a mere 26.6 pounds! She is long and lean :) She is now caught up on all of her vaccines and looks great! She isn't talking all that much (in English that is) but the doctor wasn't too worried and said that we'd see how things were at two years old and go from there. That was a huge relief to me!

After her appointment we went to luch at Buffalo Wild Wings:

Then we went to the bookstore:

(yes, she plopped herself down in front of the Bibles. What can I say?)

Then we dropped Daddy off to grocery shop for hunting with grandpa and the girls went to Target for a few things. Amelia was so silly while we were there!

She is also at a stage where she refuses to ride in a cart. There is no way she will sit in the seat so I let her walk and she sticks close most of the time!

We spent the evening at home. Jason made chili for the weekend, I attempted to help when I could, Amelia emptied her ball pit all over the living room. It was a pretty typical night for us!

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