Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quarter of a Century

Today was my 25th birthday. I am now a quarter of a century old! I worked bright and early this morning at 4 so it has been a long day for sure!

I had lunch at Shanghai Bistro with Jason, Liz, Marie and Jordan since I had a free entree coupon for my birthday. Liz works there and signed me up! The coupon is good for up to $20 and our server told us to not waste the free money on a $4 lunch and he ordered us a huge appetizer platter!

What a great idea he had! There was so much food on here and it was all so good! We also had a cake there because Marie was nice enough to make one for us all to enjoy!

We spent the afternoon at grandpa's house and this evening Amelia and I went to dinner at Boca Chica with my family. It was tasty, as usual. After that we went for ice cream at Izzy's where they have Amelia-sized cones! Kim also made a Milky Way cake for us.

My family had some nice things for me including a GPS since I get lost so easily and some new jammies!

Amelia was more interested in the wrapping materials and her Mardi Gras beads than anything :)

I think we all had a pretty good night and I am now officially another year older.

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