Thursday, July 08, 2010

First Day on a New Job

In case I haven't had a chance to talk with some family and friends lately (things have been busy) - I got a job and had my first day today!

I was hired on as seasonal help at Target. The Hudson store is undergoing an extensive remodel and they hired on extra people to help with the transition - both on the sales floor and in the backroom. As of now, I will be employed there into October. After that, I am really hoping that they will choose to hire me on as a regular employee but there are no guarantees.

I was hired on as "flow" which is working in the backroom pulling product to be put out and sorting and putting away the freight shipments. I did that this morning for about 3 hours. After that my trainer had to go to the sales floor to fill in where they were short-staffed and I went with her. Basically, we went around the store and did what our PDAs (those gun things all Target employees seem to have) told us to do. Whether it was checking aisles for items that are empty, finding a specific product and entering in how many are on the shelf or checking sections and entering every item that is out/low we used the "gun".

It is actually pretty cool how they have all their systems connected and how many ways they count and keep track of stock. Let's just say it was the most organized backroom I have ever seen. Everything had a place and you can always look up where that place is. I really enjoyed today and it sounds like I won't be working in the backroom primarily as I was hired on to do. I was told I can work the sales floor like I did the second part of my shift today and if I am not liking it to let them know and I can be moved somewhere else. I think I will like it though. It keeps you busy all morning!

Oh yeah, one more thing - I work the 4 AM shift. Yes, me. I am not a morning person at all but today went surprisingly well. I am sure it will just get easier with time. I am thinking the next few days will be just horrendous in terms of my mood and alertness but by next week things should get better, right? Then I can get back into a routine of things.

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