Friday, July 16, 2010

Life at Full Speed

Now that I am working again our days are so busy! This week has been packed with full days for us. I wasn't sure I would like getting up at 3 AM for work but it has been working out pretty great so long as I nap when Amelia does that is. Today is actually a trial for me to see how I do with no nap and I am pretty beat but the hope is that I will be ready for bed earlier than 11 or 12 PM.

What have we been up to. Well, more like what haven't we been up to! I haven't been very good at taking pictures this week but Amelia had a swimming and raspberry picking playdate with her friend Maddie, we spent time outside naked (her, not me) to air out her bottom to heal a pretty severe rash, played with puppies, tried out PB & J for the first time,

she took an inaugural ride in the wagon found in grandpa's garage when it was cleaned out this weekend,

she marvelled at bubbles,

she wore an insane amount of Mardi Gras beads around,

we spent time hanging at the park,

she made some funny faces,

she did a little whining here and there,

but mostly we have just been busy doing anything and everything!

I am excited for work next week because the work I will be doing means I get to sleep in a little...until 5 AM, woohoo! The rest of July is looking pretty busy for us with 2 family reunions on Jason's side, my birthday, our first trip to Target Field to see Jason's Twins and more. Yep, this has been one busy, busy month. Hopefully August slows down a little.

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