Monday, July 12, 2010

Little Miss Independent

Amelia has always been a very independent child and does very well playing alone. In fact, sometimes she prefers to play alone. One thing she can't do is swim on her own but she isn't aware of that fact yet! First she threw all the noodles into the pool:

We all watched her doing it saying how cute she was. Well next thing we knew she had turned herself around and was backing into the pool!

She isn't afraid of the water, that is for sure! She is quite the little fish. Now if she would just learn to wear her lifejacket I would feel a little better. She just hates it this year. It is an infant lifejacket but she is within the weight limits so we thought we could use it one more year. She screams and screams when she has to wear it. Today I tried to make her tough it out but after at least 5 minutes she was still freaking out. I tried letting her walk in it (she refused to), I put her into the pool with it and I even bounced her up and down in it. She just wasn't having it.

I might try and find her a toddler lifejacket on clearance (it is that time of year already) and try that out. She is approaching the weight cut-off for her current lifejacket and she is so tall, who knows - it might actually be hurting her? This is one time I really wish she could just tell me what is wrong!

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