Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Fever

Amelia has finally gotten sick! Sunday afternoon I knew something was wrong when she didn't want to swim. She floated for a little and then got out and wandered on the deck. As soon as I saw this...

I knew something was not right!

We came inside and washed up and she still was just not herself so I took her temperature and it was 102.4! Since I have never had to take care of a sick baby before we went to my parent's house for a bit and Amelia got some rest in the chair:

Once we got home we rested some more. Amelia had the whole queen bed to herself!

What a little peanut! By 8 in the evening her temp was up to 103.8 so I started to worry. My mom and dad came over to sit with me because I was all alone and sort of freaking out. My mom was happy that Amelia wanted to snuggle for once.

Sunday night was a long night for us with Amelia. She wanted to be held constantly and would only sleep for about 40 minutes at a time on her own.

Eventually Jason had to take over full duties with Amelia since I worked at 4 AM Monday! Long story short - by Monday when the clinic opened Amelia's temp was down to normal and we didn't need to take her in. Such a blessing since we are between insurance right now! Most of all we are just happy that Amelia is back to her old self again!

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