Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Tonight was a better night for us. Much, much better. First off, Joe took a nap. A nap! It was a short nap but it was a nap nonetheless and I think that it helped us to have a better night because he wasn't so cranky.

He is not a very good napper. Amelia wasn't either. I remember her being up most of the day as a baby and then she slept 10-12-14 hours a night. I think Joe will be a lot like her with sleep patterns if he keeps his current pattern up!

Amelia and I had homemade lunchables (crackers, cheese, salami) for dinner. We ate it standing next to the stove even. She likes to "help" a lot and so we just ended up standing there eating as we made it. Fine by me! We had virtually no dishes to wash tonight.

Amelia's jealousy of Joe really showed tonight. She flipped his Bumbo chair upside down...with him sitting in it. I scooped him up and consoled him and simply told her that wasn't a nice thing to do. It was all I could do at the time - my main concern was Joe and making sure that he was ok. I think she got it because next thing I knew she was in the living room, sprinkling infant oatmeal all over because she wanted "Ko" to "eeeeeeee" (eat.)

I had a laugh because last week she dumped rice cereal into a pile in the kitchen. We got out the vacuum and cleaned up this little mess quickly. Joe never did get any oatmeal.

Other things she did tonight included tossing her plastic bins after emptying them and they would hit him in the head, she wouldn't share with him, she wouldn't let him look at her toys etc. Mostly it made me laugh a little because I am pretty sure she was acting this way because she was very tired. She went to a kid's gym/jump zone place with my mom and sister this morning and I think it wore her out.

One nice thing about her jealousy is that when I am taking a picture of Joe, she will climb into my lap so we can take a picture. She is usually hamming it up but I like any picture with her I can get.

She has been very anti-camera for awhile now and I miss having her smile nice for me! It was so much easier when she would just smile and taking her picture took two seconds instead of two minutes!

I am so thankful that tonight was so much easier than yesterday was! I don't know if I could have handled another yesterday, today!

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