Monday, March 05, 2012

Awesome Weekend

We had a great weekend! Friday my sister came over to watch the kids during the overlap of mine and Jason's Friday work schedules.

Amelia went through, and arranged, all of her animals on the coffee table! Auntie stayed for dinner (we ordered Domino's) and assisted in bath time.

Saturday I worked and we made tacos for dinner and decided to give family movie night a try. We came up with a plan for Amelia to branch out from her usual choices (Toy Story, Aristocats, My Little Pony, Fantasia and Cinderella) and it worked! She has been enjoying her Little People pirate ship so I looked at the Peter Pan case to see if there was a picture of a ship and there was! I was worried because it was tiny and in the corner but she saw it and wanted to watch the movie!

She watched the whole thing with us and even sat on Daddy's lap towards the end. We made popcorn (2 bags...) and ate it all and enjoyed a relaxing night together :)

Sunday mornings I am off by 8 and the past couple of weeks I have brought home breakfast. I got donuts for the second week in a row! I have learned that Amelia's favorite donuts have white frosting and sprinkles. I got her chocolate this past weekend and she wanted the white one instead!

Sunday we ran errands in Woodbury. We had our taxes prepared and Jason was fitted for a tux for a wedding he is in this summer.

After our errands we had dinner with my family at my parent's house. Joe got passed around so he wouldn't whine! He just likes to be held - all the time. I really don't know what to do about that! We'll figure something out one day...hopefully soon!

Sunday night the kids rode in their new seats! While we were in Woodbury we saw a great deal on a booster seat for Amelia so we got it and switched Joe into her convertible carseat since he is just a pound or so away from being too big for his infant seat/carrier!

Have a good week, everyone!

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