Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Fever

We have been having warmer weather here in Wisconsin! Dare I say winter is over? Even though it never really came? Seriously, we had a pretty cold winter - with almost no snow! Poor Amelia only got out on her sled one time. She now calls it her boat and insists that you pull her around the apartment in it.

Yesterday we grilled for dinner with my family since it was so nice out (fifties.) Amelia helped Nana and Papa feed their animals.

She even ran to the sandbox and got her own bucket since Nana's was too big for her to handle unassisted.

Joey got his first taste of swinging! I think he liked it :)

Before making dinner we took a short walk and the kids rode in their wagon that Santa brought them! Amelia was not too pleased to have to share. I was insistent that Joey ride in the wagon because it is for both of them and the more that Amelia uses it solo the harder time she will have when they are both using it.

I ran to Babies R Us with my sister and while we were gone Jason and Amelia played with chalk. Jason drew her a Peter Pan picture! From left to right you will see Tinkerbell, Peter Pan and Tick Tock the croc. I think he actually did a really good job. Way better than I could have ever done!

Today we had rainstorms :) I am pretty excited for spring this year. Mostly because the winter wasn't very winter-y to me and I am ready for it to warm up. Below freezing temperatures really aren't that much fun without snow to play in!

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