Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Terrible Tuesday

Where do I even start? Today has been awful. Several times I wanted to put my head through the wall. It was just an off day that felt like it would never end. It was my day off this week - why did it have to be awful?

Amelia's language delay is very trying - especially on a day that is already eating up your patience. So many times today I had to just walk away from her and take a deep breath. It is so frustrating to watch her struggle to tell me something. I have gotten pretty good at knowing what she is talking about or trying to say but there are always times when I just have no idea. Of course, those times would arise on a day that was already difficult.

I got her into bed a little earlier than normal tonight simply because I couldn't "deal" with her any longer. She went, happily, and watched Peter Pan on her "baby TV" which is a small portable DVD player. Hopefully tomorrow we look like this:

I wish this guy looked like this all of the time!

Joey can be such a little handful some days. He loves to be held and he demands it. I just can't express how awful some nights can get because of his constant whining. In general he is a happy guy and full of smiles! However, he is pretty high maintenance. It takes a lot to keep him happy. He's worth it but, man, can we catch a break sometime soon? The doctor said 4 months seems to be the "magic" month - he's only got about a week left for any "magic" to happen in his fourth month so we'll see what happens. Maybe his "magic" month will be month 5, or even 6.

A bit unrelated but I had to share this. If your diaper looked like this wouldn't you tell someone?

I was getting Amelia into the bath tonight and this is what I discovered. My mouth dropped. I asked her if she needed a new diaper and she looked at me and said, "no." Really? Sweetie, it looks like you have two butts. You need a new diaper. You probably needed one hours earlier.

We are struggling with her and diapers. Time flies and I just don't remember that it's been "x" hours since her last diaper change and she won't tell me when she needs one. I keep hoping potty training will be around the corner for us but I just don't know some days. We think she "gets" it. She understands what the toilet is and what you use it for - this I know for sure. Any day now we will potty train. Any day. Maybe tomorrow is the day.

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