Sunday, December 05, 2010

Tree Cutting Day!

Today we went to cut down the Christmas tree for this holiday season! I have never had a real tree so it was very cool to go with to cut down the tree for Jason's sister's house (she is hosting Christmas this year.) We rode out to the trees on a covered wagon

After being dropped off we walked through the woods

Following posted signs

Admiring the beautiful trees

Until we found the tagged lot

We found our tree and Uncle Kory cut it down

He and Auntie Liz pulled it on a tarp back to the wagon

Where they bagged it up...

...and loaded it up on the back of the wagon

and we rode back to the barns where Liz and I warmed up with some hot apple cider

Once our tree was ready Kory carried it to the car

Where he and Jason loaded it up!

It was a nice, crisp, 13-degree day here in northern WI...complete with a light snowfall! It was pretty perfect out!

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