Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa Came Early

I got home from work this afternoon, went up to our room and found something on the bed. "Santa" came to visit us early this year.

Jason did a little Black Friday shopping this year and got us these personalized Bears and Vikings jerseys online. I had no idea he had been saving his "allowance" (we each get a little cash each pay period for ourselves) for months to get me a gift. I felt awful that he had done it and I hadn't done anything special for him. After I said that a few times he stood up, took his sweatshirt off and said, "don't worry, I got myself one too!"

We're wearing them tonight as we watch the Bears and the Vikings play the first outdoor, professional football game in Minnesota (at the U of M's TCF Bank stadium) in 29 years. In fact, tonight is the 29th anniversary of their last (outdoor) home game at Met Stadium. This is a game that almost bought tickets to earlier this fall but didn't after he lost his job in September. I don't know if we are happy that we aren't at the game or relieved... It is -1 windchill in Minneapolis tonight with yet another winter storm in progress. We are due to get another 6-10 inches this evening (on top of the 17-20 inches we received just over a week ago). I wonder how many people will still want an outdoor stadium in Minnesota after tonight's game...

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Simply Bonkers! said...

That is awesome that he surprised you with those gifts...and from his allowance! :-) We get allowances too.

So cute! Thanks for taking pictures!