Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

Today I finally did something I have been trying to do for an entire week now...laundry. In fact, I did this much laundry:

And there is still more going down there! Life just got in the way of doing any laundry this past week. Last Wednesday Amelia and I opted to spend the day with this guy

and his mom and sister at the Mall of America! We had a blast and were glad to spend the afternoon with them!

After that there was work and more work. We also had a bout with a fever:

She finally accepted a little (off-brand) Pedialyte:

After that, she seemed thrilled about life:

(see all her teeth!!!)

Now we are just trying our best to enjoy this week of Christmas and not let ourselves get too stressed.

This little girl helps with that :)

I will end with a better picture of Jason's great Christmas surprise:

I'm still not sure how he managed to pull it off!

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