Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Christmas Lights!

Yesterday we put up Christmas lights at grandpa's house! Jason and I got a pretty good deal on LED lights so we got a bunch and are happy to have them to use in the following years! Grandpa ok'd us putting them up at his house and he even helped us (well, Jason) put them up in the cold:

They look so, so great up! I think we may even get a couple more boxes :) Amelia even has her own twinkle lights in her room which she loves to admire:

Yesterday after her nap it was dark out already and this was her reaction to seeing the lights outside through the windows:

pure joy

Christmas lights are my favorite Christmas decoration and it seems that Amelia is following in my footsteps. I just love how excited she gets when she sees them. Car rides are a whole new ballgame at night now.

It is starting to feel like the Christmas season this week and Jason and I are doing great on our gift shopping. We have a lot of gifts already and a list for the remaining people. Now all we have to do is get the remaining gifts as we can and we are done! For now, we will enjoy seeing Christmas lights each night and remembering the reason for this season.

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