Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another Blizzard

Today we had our third sever winter storm in WI. This was projected 15-18" and I'd say they were right on this time. It is crazy here! I went to work at 3:30 AM today and the roads were already less than ideal. When I left just after 8 they were only worse. In fact, I got stuck at the end of grandpa's driveway coming home:

I was really stuck. No amount of backing up and gunning it forward made any difference at all. Jason had to get the snowblower going because it was just the only way we were going to get it out.

I felt bad. Grandpa has a long driveway. Really long. We eventually got it out. He dug out grandpa's Jeep so he could drive it to work. He made it out and Amelia and I spent the night snowed-in. She enjoyed the view onto the back patio:

There is so much snow back there right now! I am relieved that grandpa took the dog with him this weekend so we don't have to worry about letting her out in all that!

I have been worried about being snowed-in in the morning because I have to work but then I heard a "beep, beep, beep"...

Someone in a Bobcat came to plow us out! Thank goodness!

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Simply Bonkers! said...

My hubby has been talking about this storm for the past 3 days. We are expecting it today in Ohio while he's at work. On Wednesday, we got hit with it while I was at work...about 12". Yesterday, it was so warm here, we lost most of our snow and iceicles (sp?). Just in enough time to be hit again. Thank goodness for snowblowers and bobcats, eh? :-)