Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

What a fun day it has been!!! For Halloween this year, Amelia is an ewok! Don't know what that is? Learn about it HERE.

I worked this morning and this afternoon we took Amelia around to see family members in her costume. She gave each person a card and a piece of candy! I was glad we were able to find something fun to do with her all dressed up this year.

Amelia got pumpkin buckets from her Grandma Rude and her Auntie Liz and they both gave her applesauce! Our little ewok loves applesauce and couldn't wait to eat it:

Once we got to Nana's house she had another surprise waiting for her...

...her very own ball pit/tent! Amelia has officially taken over my parent's house. My sister now refers to it as "BooVille" (Amelia's nickname is Boo.)

Now, just for fun - here is Jason today:

No, it's not a costume. He just really loves the Vikings. He doesn't normally wear his helga-horns, so maybe it actually is kind of like his Halloween costume in a way?

Hopefully everyone has had a great Hallo-weekend!


Jenny said...

Where did you get that costume? I would love to dress my nephew up like that next year!!!

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