Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Week Gone By

I am really struggling to get online lately. We now officially don't have any Internet access at grandpa's house so when I get to my parent's house I am doing online bill/banking maitenence among other things before I can get to this blog. As you can probably tell over the last month or so, I don't get to blogging often anymore! I am trying and for now will do my best to continue to post at least once a week.

We haven't been up to much. Jason and I have been fighting colds this week (I think I have beat mine!) and we are just doing our best to keep Amelia healthy! Speaking of Amelia, she is teething like a maniac! I guess that is what happens when you only have 2 teeth and 18 months old... They are popping up all over her little mouth this past week. The poor thing hardly wants to eat and the only thing we can do is hand her a bowl of ice to chomp on. I am not sure how many teeth have broken through at this point but it is more than 5, I know that for sure!

Jason had a job interview/audition earlier this week at Meritage in downtown St. Paul. He was the first of six people that they contacted to come in and stage. He was there for five hours on Tuesday morning and demonstrated his knife skills, made one thing (an omelette) and helped with their lunch in addition to sitting down with the owner/executive chef. He feels like he did pretty well and now it is just a waiting game while they meet with the other five hopefuls. We should know if he got it by next weekend and we are hopeful!

Grandpa Peterson left this morning for Florida, where he winters. Jason and I are staying at his house this winter with his dog, Molly. We hope his travels (he drives his RV down) over the next few days go smoothly while he makes his way to Florida!

That's about it! We lack pictures since we've been feeling under the weather this past week but we'll be sure to have some next time we post! Until then...

...Amelia says, "bye bye!"

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Simply Bonkers! said...

As always, Amelia is adorable! I am praying that Jason gets the job! Alot is going on in your neck of the woods, it seems. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.