Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Twins vs. Brewers

This past Sunday Jason and I went to Target Field to see the Twins play the Brewers! My family got us the tickets as early birthday presents. We had great seats and were lucky enough that they were in the shade - it was a hot, hot day!

Since the Brewers had won the night before, Amelia wore her Twins dress to give them some support.

(It must have worked because they won!)

We were able to get some great pictures from our seats!

We knew a TON of people at the game that day. A local bar had two full party buses of people that they brought to the game and they got a welcome on the big screen:

I met friends Marie and Molly as well as Auntie Liz and Uncle Kory around the seventh inning.

We found out after the game that our friends Lisa and Al were there too! Had we known, we would have asked them over to the empty seats next to us to get them out of the left-field sun!

It was an exciting game to be at and in the end the Twins won. I would have preferred the Brewers win but the plus side to them not winning was that Jason was in a good mood for the rest of the evening :)

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