Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Howard!

Over the weekend I was maid of honor in my friend Marie's wedding! We started our day bright and early at the salon. I had never had my hair done before so I wasn't real sure what I wanted done so I gave my lady a few ideas and she created this:

I was pleased with it and it held up all day, night and overnight! The next day I pulled 28 bobby pins out of my hair and it didn't move too much because of all the hairspray!

I drove two other bridesmaids to the church (a 45 minute drive) and poor Nicolle was stuck in the backseat with 4 dresses draped over her lap!

We were the first ones to the church so we decided they'd put make-up on me for the day. I never wear make-up. I don't even own make-up so this was a big deal! In fact, here is my "make-up bag" that Lisa made me for the day so I wouldn't feel left out:

The lone item in it is the lip gloss given to us by the bride! Here is me with actual make-up on:

They did a great job I think! I didn't feel like myself at all!

Before the ceremony we had some time so we got a picture of all the pregnant bridesmaids together! I am 7 months and the other two are 6 months!

The bride and her mom before the ceremony:

The ceremony was beautiful and Marie is married now, crazy!

Our limo was waiting for us outside the front of the church:

This was my first time in a limo and they can get a little cramped! Lisa and I indulged in a celebratory glass of champagne on the ride to the reception:

Yes, we drank it. No, we didn't feel bad!

Our ride to the reception got a little complicated a few miles from our destination. Our driver hit a 15-year-old riding her bike in a crosswalk. Someone saw it coming and yelled, "stop!" just in time for us all to look out the front and see it happen. Trust me, that is something you never want to see happen. I felt so sick for a couple of hours. By some stroke of luck the girl walked away from the accident and as far as we know she is going to be fine.

I was kind of a dud at the reception because I am not a big dancer :( I wish I was because everyone was having a blast! I had fun watching them though. Plus, it felt good to sit and have my feet up after the long day :)

Amelia was at the reception briefly and wanted nothing to do with me so I tried to bribe her with glow sticks:

They thrilled her to death but she still was Papa's girl and wanted nothing to do with me!

Jason and I:

Marie and Jordan are in Maui on their honeymoon now and I can't wait to hear all about that! For now, I am going to get some rest :)

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