Thursday, September 02, 2010

State Fair 2010 - Trip 2

We went to the "great Minnesota get-together" yet again! This time Amelia and I went with my mom and sister (yesterday.)

One thing that we did that we missed last week was the John Deer "Little Farm." Amelia didn't have much patience to wait in the lines while we were there so we got through to this point:

She loved being on the tractor that was just her size! Since her legs were a little too short we had to push her but she still had a blast.

I got Amelia a couple of rabbit feet because she loves my moms' cats rabbit feet. She loved them so much that I had to hook them to her dress so she wouldn't lose them and have a meltdown. She turned a few heads...

Oh well. She was happy and had a good time. That is the important part!

My sister and I took Amelia on the gondola skyride that goes across the fair.

We took the round-trip and Amelia had a great time. She was so excited when we went over the giant slide. I can't wait to take her on it next year when she is a little bigger!

I think I ate more yesterday than I did last Thursday - if that was possible!

I even tried three new things; deep fried pickles, deep fried Reese's and the big fat bacon on a stick. Out of the three the deep fried pickles were the best which really shocked me!

We took a free shuttle from a Target near the fair and Amelia enjoyed having her own, big girl seat on the bus!

It was another succesful trip to the fair and I can't wait to go next year!

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