Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Relaxing Night at Home

Last night we stayed in and did nothing. It was much needed! We both had a frustrating start to the week at work and it was nice to just be home, together, with nothing that needed to be done.

Jason took Amelia around the yard in her wagon via tractor:

She loved it and just relaxed:

Clearly she understoof the theme of the evening!

We tried out Digornio's pizza and breadsticks for dinner and really enjoyed it!

Amelia had a tasty dinner too!

Amelia was just a little joy last night.

We had so much fun the three of us.

After Amelia went to bed we watched The Cove with grandpa and he pretty much slept through the entire thing! If you haven't see it, you should! It is a great documentary and people should be informed!

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