Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Out of the Darkness 2010

(Liz, I swiped this from FB...I thought it was a good picture to start off the post with!)

This past Sunday, Jason's sister, Liz, participated in the 2010 Out of the Darkness walk at Como Park. Two members of Jason and Liz's family, including their dad, have taken their lives so this cause is something very important to her and hopefully Jason and I can participate next year with her!

Jason and I were unable to join her and a few other friends who did the walk but Amelia and I went over to her house in the evening for some dinner and fun!

Amelia got spend some more time with the puppies which aren't really puppy size anymore! She even shared her drink with Pecan:

It was pretty cute :) Even when it was kennel time for the puppies she was with them!

She also tried to bring them with her everywhere:

As you can imagine, she didn't get too far with them ;)

We had a great night and the food was awesome! We are proud of Liz for fundraising and getting involved with this foundation and also for Marie, Molly and Katie who did the walk with her!

Hopefully we will be able to participate next year!

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Rachel said...

I *love* that bright vest and those tights!! Baby girl clothes are so adorable!!