Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not Just for Babies

It seems that the Boppy pillow is not the only baby item that our cats love...
Lucky (as well as Ludo) have taken a liking to Amelia's "donut". It is an oval pillow, open in the middle (hence, "donut"), with a fleece cover on it that my mom got for us at a craft fair. We have found both Ludo and Lucky in it severl times. In an effort to deter them from using it we stand it upright when she is not in it. Lucky did not seem to have a problem with that, as you can plainly see in this picture:

Ludo has taken a liking to her bouncer:

In other news, I had my second day back at work this afternoon. I was late! I had some car issues. GM has a theft-deterrent system called Passlock and it works strangely sometimes. In both my Ion and my previous car, an Alero, I have been deemed a "thief" and unable to start my car. It always seems to happen at the worst times too! I am thinking seriously about finding a way to disable the Passlock system since it seems to cause me more trouble than necessary. I have googled the problem and it seems I am not alone. Others have disabled the system, that is where I got the idea! We will see what happens.

Jason has been enjoying his time at home with Amelia it seems. They have a good time hanging out. Friday he was the one to get her dressed and he chose a onesie that he made for her (he has a matching black t-shirt):

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