Sunday, April 03, 2011

Wild Game

Last Thursday evening Jason and I had a night out! We received free tickets to a Minnesota Wild game! I had never been to a professional hockey game or an event at our Xcel Center so it was a night of firsts for me!

We got there early and had dinner at a nearby Italian place that is a family favorite of us all. I hadn't had a sense of smell or taste all week (I thought it was a cold but in reality it turns out to be my allergies) and Thursday was the first time I tasted all week!

We had great seats and had a good night. Our team even won!

Funny story about the evening: Event parking is insane and I decided that we were not going to spend $15 to park our car. We headed up onto Cathedral Hill to park (for free) because 6-ish blocks is not big deal to walk. We got parked, checked signs and curbs and decided we were in fact legally parked. Guess again! We got back to a parking ticket that was over twice the amount of the event parking across the street from the venue! What lesson did we learn? Just pay for event parking!

We are headed to the season's final game against Dallas next Sunday evening and you better believe I will have and extra twenty in my purse for parking!

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