Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

This year we were able to celebrate Easter with both families. After I got home from work this morning (yes, I worked and yes Target was closed) we got ready and had brunch at Kilkarney Hills Golf Course with Jason's family.

(everyone but Grandpa's friend, Ardie - she was our photographer!)

It was tasty and I think we all left very full!

We managed to get a pretty good photo of Amelia all dressed up before we went in for brunch:

By the end of the meal her dress was covered in chocolate from the chocolate chip cookie her cousin gave her!

After leaving the golf course Jason, Amelia and I headed over to my parent's house. She dug through her Easter basket for awhile:

Afterwards she went down for a nap. For dinner we had frozen pizza from Cossetta's. Not the traditional Easter meal for most families!

After dinner we took advantage of the weather and had a small Easter egg hunt for Amelia.

She picked up right away and we ended up re-hiding the eggs two more times for her.

The third and final time Jason hid them a little to hard for her and she lost interest.

While we were outside we set up the cubes and tunnels Amelia got for her birthday. I think she'll have a lot of fun in them this summer!

So far this evening we don't have a photo with my family. Maybe we'll get one before the night is over. Maybe not though - someone is in meltdown mode in the basement right now...

Happy Easter, Everyone!

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