Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Picture Catch-Up

I have taken lots of pictures with the intent of sharing them in several posts! Each night once the kids are in bed, I am ready for bed as well so I haven't shared them yet. So, here are some just to catch up on what we've been up to - all in one post!

Joey has been working on sitting up :)

I love this shot because he was so excited, started to tip and I caught him falling over and my hand going to grab him. This picture just makes me chuckle!

Amelia is back into bananas. She was never really not into them but for awhile there she would only eat a bite or two and now she finishes them again :)

Joey takes this funny paci during diaper changes...usually. This is one of two pacis that we have had a little bit of luck with. I'd be ok if he never took one but at the same time he wants to pacify so I'd love for him to finally figure out that that's what pacis are for!

Amelia closed her door one afternoon while I was nursing Joe. When he was finished I went into her room to discover this:

She had Morrison trapped under a crate! I remember when my sister and I used to do this to our cats growing up. The only difference was that we used laundry baskets :)

When I set up Amelia's room I put this rocking chair between her bookshelf and her book crate. I had always envisioned her sitting in the chair, reading. It finally happened! She was listening to the Lion King soundtrack on her new Dora CD player Nana found at Goodwill and she got herself a Disney look-and-find book, found the Lion King page and looked at it while listening to her CD!

One evening while I was doing dishes Joe was fussing. I asked Amelia to find him a toy so I could hopefully finish up the dishes. This is what I turned around to find:

Joe buried under a ton of toys! That Amelia, such a little helper.

Yesterday morning Amelia and Jason watched Ratatouille together :)

Yesterday evening Amelia and I stepped outside to blow bubbles before dinner and somehow we ended up at the park. I had not intended for us to leave our parking lot so she was in her pajamas from the night before with a winter hat, I was in sweats and a nursing tank and luckily I had Joe in the Baby Bjorn.

This guy is growing like a weed!

We hope everyone is having a good week!

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mariesi said...

Ha ha! I used to trap my cat in a laundry basket too! It was her cage!