Saturday, November 19, 2011

Small Gestures

With two little ones at home life can be really frustrating sometimes. Some evenings, while Jason is at work, all three of us end up in tears because there is just so much going on and so, so much noise (ie- Joe crying and Amelia yelling about something.)

One evening not too long ago we had one of those nights where we were all in tears. I felt like I spent the whole evening yelling at Amelia to stop doing things she shouldn't be doing or telling her "no" she could not have whatever it was she wanted etc. After I put her to bed and put up the baby gate so she had to stay in her room. After putting up the gate and telling her to stop screaming and crying I turned around to see this:

Amelia had wound the vacuum cord up (sort of) for me. All night I was telling her "no" and "stop" and asking why she was not listening. At some point though she saw something that needed to be done and she did it as best she could. She knew I was needing some help so she did it. She was trying to help her mama out. It was such a sweet, small gesture from a sweet, small girl. I need to remember that gesture when we are having a bad night and she is unruly because if I look harder I bet she is helping me out in ways I am not even aware of.

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Marcie said...

The Boo really is a sweet kid, and she does have a bit of a Danny Tanner fixation on cleaning supplies . . .