Friday, October 07, 2011

39 Weeks "Overdue"

Yesterday I was 39 weeks and was scheduled for induction due to a history of "infant macrosomia" - aka big baby. On Tuesday at my regular OB appointment it was discovered that I am not dilated at all. This didn't surprise me at all since I was 9 days late with Amelia and still at zero centimeters when they induced me. I explained this to my current doctor but she wouldn't budge - so another week we wait. I am almost certain I will still be a zero next week but only time will tell.

My ankles (or lack there of) are quite a sight these days:

Tonight my sister said, "no offense but your feet are gross." She's right so I couldn't be mad.

Since midway through this pregnancy I have had carpal tunnel and since Labor Day weekend it has left me with numb hands - fingers in particular. I am typing this using the only three fingers I have sensation in these days. The rest tingle. You can understand the lack of blogging the past few months I am sure...

We are just taking things a day at a time and hoping baby boy decides to join us sooner rather than later!

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